Welcome to Excel:arate

Our aim is simple – to make your business grow and be more efficient, effective and healthy – in the widest sense; and to drive up profits. We work with you to provide pragmatic solutions to your business challenges, whether that is to attract and retain high performing staff, get more customers, improve your business growth and performance and productivity or cut costs.


Our business growth and performance services are designed to maximise business and staff performance and include:

  • Business audits – to determine how efficiently your business is working
  • Business growth services
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Communication and engagement strategy and implementation
  • Communication, management and leadership development and team building
  • Managing change effectively
  • Training

Our solutions make sure you Excel:arate your business and personal prospects by improving performance, building more effective teams and developing better business relationships.  Our difference makes the difference.

Complimentary business health checks

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Our health check will highlight some of the underlying issues that may be limiting your business efficiency and profits. From the findings we advise how you can reduce costs and improve productivity in your business in ways you may not have considered before …by working with your staff differently. It’s painless, takes around an hour and businesses have found it very useful. To find out more and if your business qualifies, please get in touch.

Private Clients

We offer a range of coaching programmes for private clients who are motivated to transform their lives. We can help you with your career, health and well-being coaching needs. To find out if you meet our criteria please get in touch.
Be the person you want to be, improve your career prospects, your health and relationships, build confidence and commitment to your personal development and get past the blockages holding you back.

“I honestly feel that working with Fiona has helped me come up with solutions and actionable steps that have made a world of difference to me, leaving me wondering if I’d ever have come up with them without working with her… and I can say, hand on heart that my answer is a resounding ‘No’”.

Potential minus  interference is equal to great performance (Timothy Gallwey)